Sponsorships & Donations & Grants
Sponsorships, Donations and Grants are so gratefully appreciated - these contributions can make such a significant difference in the lives of so many.

Change the world, one gift at a time. 
You can make the world a better place with a single gift.

CWC also relies on the generosity of sponsors, donors and grantors to help support a portion of the charitable projects it takes on every year.  100% of our funds are distributed to charitable projects.  No administration or any other type of fees are taken out of any money we receive. CWC also respects your privacy.  We do not use, sell, rent or trade any of your personal information.  

Corporate & Business Sponsorships:  Is your company or business looking for innovative avenues for charitable corporate giving? The Carmel Woman's Club offers corporate and event sponsorship opportunities to corporations and businesses seeking to raise brand awareness and make a significant community impact.

As a 501c3 entity, the CWC seeks annual donors, sponsors and grantors to support its charitable efforts. Your tax-deductible gift to the Club will directly increase the number of scholarships we award each year and the ability to select more community projects to participate in.

With a single gift to the Club, you can support a variety of charitable projects that are making a significant difference in our community. In return, the CWC provides special benefits and recognition of your support.

By becoming an annual sponsor of the Carmel Woman's Club, your message will reach people who are influential community and business leaders. And you'll enjoy the value of associating with an organization that has a stable history of effective charitable giving in this community since 1972.

Event sponsorship is another way to partner with our Club. Your gift can underwrite the expenses for a CWC event specifically designed to strengthen the civic and social network of the community. 

Fundraisers such as our upcoming Annual Main Fundraising Event now in the planning stages and our Annual Book Sale in November are just two examples of the many worthwhile events of which you can be a part of.

Anonymous Donations

CWC is committed to protecting your privacy and offers you the option of donating anonymously if you so choose. This means the CWC knows your donation amount but only the CWC President and Treasurer and not the individual members nor the public know your name or any other contact information about you.


CWC's Leadership Team is comprised of competent businesswomen who either own their own businesses or hold significant positions in many of our corporations here in Carmel and are familiar with and well qualified to handle all aspects of Grants.  We are specifically looking for Grants to fund our Educational and Cultural Arts Scholarships, along with Grants that will assist us in providing some of the life's basic necessities for the underserved in and around our community.

Legacy Donations

Consider adding CWC to your long-range financial planning with a will bequest, annuity, life insurance policy or charitable trust.  We suggest you discuss the benefits of this type of donation with your financial and legal advisors first and we can give you additional details about this type of donation.

To learn more about donations, and corporate and event sponsorships with the Carmel Woman's Club, or our specific needs for Grants, please call Tricia at 317.225,.9755.