About Us
The Carmel Woman's Club was founded by Mrs. William Blick and Mrs J. Lawrence Haynes who invited several women to join them in establishing the Club.  The first organizational meeting was held on February 21, 1972. Officers were elected at the second meeting on March 6th, and the first regular meeting was held in April where eight Charter Members joined the General Federation of Women's Clubs, operating under the GFWC's 501c3 charitable status, their non-profit Constitution and By-Laws.  In November, 1972, the Club received its Charter through the Indiana Federation of Clubs.  

Later, the Carmel Woman's Club incorporated on January 26, 1976 as an Indiana public charitable non-profit organization. In November 1994, the Club terminated their membership in the General Federation of Women's Clubs. In 2009, Carmel Woman's Club Inc applied for and received their own IRS 501c3 public charitable non-profit tax exempt status.  In November 2013, the Club which was financially strong and active, was put into an unfortunate and totally unnecessary dissolution.

On behalf of the CWC's history and legacy, Carmel Woman's Club Inc was reincorporated by Ann Baker, a former CWC Committee Chair and Tricia Carrington, a former CWC Past President on January 15, 2014. They came back to get the Club operational again and to create a new Leadership Team to take the Club forward, along with restructuring the Club's operations to make the Club more relevant for 2014 and beyond and to expand the scope of charitable work.

The purpose of the Club as set forth by our original founders in 1972 and again in 2014 by our co-reincorporators, is to stimulate interest in good government, education, the cultural arts and the general welfare of the community. 

Membership in the Club is open to all women interested in actively participating in charitable community service.  To gain membership, an application must be submitted which will be reviewed by our Membership Committee and presented to the Board for approval.  Application forms can be obtained from the Club Membership Chairman at any of our meetings or requested by email at: cwcpresident@hotmail.com or by phone request at: 317.225.9755.

The CWC welcomes new members - all organizations need new members to ensure growth and our Club has much to offer. Our myriad of charitable efforts make a significant difference in our community—while providing our members with a powerful sense of satisfaction and belonging.  The Club also provides a number of fun activity sub-groups to enjoy such as the long time  Literary Group and Knitting/Crafting Group.  On the drawing board soon to be available: Photography Group; BridgeHands Bridge Group; Mah Jong League; Wordsmith Scrabblers Scrabble Group; Trump Suit Euchre Group; Yoga & Pilates Group; and Zumba Group.

The Club supports and partners with other carefully selected non-profit agencies and has made a substantial charitable impact on our community over the years. Our scholarships and on-going projects have always been supported with funds mainly generated by the members and through our fund-raising events. We will be expanding our funds sources to include Grants. We are always looking for private donors and corporate and business sponsors to enhance our efforts to build our funds so more charitable projects can be undertaken.

From 1972 to the present day, the CWC has remained a place where lasting friendships are born and nurtured. From funding for scholarships to aiding the underserved, the CWC has been a powerful force for good work in the Carmel community.