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Club News Update:  After a lengthy time, our techs have finished with the software upgrade and the move to a brand new secure server. This upgrade will allow us many more pages available to post more detailed information and event photos in our Member Log-in section of our website.

Club House Update:  The Co-Presidents and our Club Director have been busy these past months working with a real estate agent to find the perfect property for the permanent location.  The need for a permanent place in the community we serve where our meetings and other events can be held has been there for a long time.  We already have commitments from an architect for renovation plans and a commitment from a builder to get the renovation done once the right place has been found and secured.  We have found some nice places but the main problem seems to be the parking issue.  Given that we plan to use this place for a number of events plus we have a number of older members, we need to find convenient, ample parking.  None that we have looked at thus far have that critical element so the hunt goes on.

CWC Memorabilia Update:  Work continues on the digital imaging/preservation of scrapbooks containing photos, newspaper articles, clippings, membership books, and other memorabilia. We have received a good number of new items to add to our collection.  And through the assistance of former members and the families of former members, many of the ladies in the old photos have now been identified and those photos are now properly labeled.  Work continues to keep identifying more.

Project Updates:

Items for our Soldiers Project:  This is still our #1 favored project. Each month we see an increase in the amount of items collected that has been keeping all our volunteers very busy. 

Again this month, we appreciate the generosity of the neighborhoods that participated in this drive.  Boxes of goods are being continually sent to our soldiers as the donations roll in.

We continue to feel such gratitude to the local businesses that have been helping us with the costs of shipping boxes to our soldiers.  Again, for the past few months, we have had enough business participation to cover ALL our shipping costs.  We so very much appreciate the thoughtfulness and kindness of these companies. On behalf of our Club ...Thank you!

We are excited to have such great participation and continuing focus on this project driving donations for our soldiers and their families. We truly seem to have found our donation niche. On behalf of our soldiers and their families ... a very warm thank you to all whose efforts keep this project running.  

Interested in joining our organization and working on a variety of charitable projects?  We welcome you! 

Announcements of our new club formal meetings will also be made on this website, by email and via local media such as Current in Carmel.  For further information, please call 317.225.9755 or email:

Our Donation Drop-off Location formerly was the UPS Store, 484 East Carmel Drive - #110, Carmel, IN.  We were notified months ago that they were no longer able to accept items dropped off due to federal postal rules about box holder privacy and security issues with respect to unsecured or open boxes.. (Items shipped to us are ok.)  If you have items for donations, just call us and Daris will arrange to have them picked up from you.

So for any of the food/clothing or other donation items, and for Manufacturer's Coupons and other donations for our US Military overseas bases, please call 317.225.9755 and arrangements will be made to have the items picked up from you.  

 Club News Monthly Updates:

CWC Annual Scholarships: CWC grants scholarships to mature women in need in our community who are returning to school for a higher education. Our scholarship program has been revamped and expanded. Access our Scholarships link for past general information, and for more detailed scholarship information and deadlines, email: or call 317.225.9755. Donations to our Scholarship Program can be made at any time.

Board Report:  Monthly Reports coming in to the Board reflect the progress of each group.  Enthusiasm has grown especially since the groups decided on having a little friendly competition each month so this has made participation even more enjoyable.  All projects have been progressing nicely.

Remember ... we are always looking for new project suggestions as we progress thru the year and encourage everyone to look for charitable opportunities for us.  Nothing we currently do is etched in stone and we want to remain flexible to  bring in projects that will benefit our community. The groups will continue to report to the Board on ongoing progress for each new project and the other projects kept from the former year.

Special Ongoing Projects: 

Riley Project spearheaded by our Knitting and Crafting Group:  Our Knitting and Crafting Group is continuing to make items for the Riley kids.  CWC had taken on a wonderful new project with Riley Children's Hospital back in 2009 which is continuing. Participating members and some non-members are knitting chemo caps and afghan-type blankets, and sewing quilts, totebags, puppy pillows and no-sew fleece blankets for the Riley children.  The Board now has a list of new ideas for projects for the Riley kids.  Among those are some really cute easy to create stuffed animals and animal pillows now being made by the ladies. 

This project continues to be strong. Many of these items this month again came from non-member volunteers who had some time on their hands to share in this project.  Daris has been kept busy picking up and delivering these beautifully crafted items.

Pastel colors are popular with the very young children and primary colors are most desired by the older children. Chemo treatments tend to make patients susceptible to feeling cold or chilled.  Chemo caps and small blankets are always needed for this reason so that project never ends.

We cannot forget each month the kindness of the various craft stores who are still participating by giving us donations of flannel, yarn and other materials for our ladies to work with. A sincere Thank You for continuing to provide the materials to our club. 

Non-Member Volunteers are also welcome to assist in making a wide variety of items needed by the Riley kids.  Riley's kids' needs are many and we can surely use the help!  We provide the patterns for the various items.

For more information on getting involved with CWC's Knitting and Crafting Group, or simply donating some of the items needed, please email: or call 317.225.9755.  

Donations for Homeless Shelters:  The Knitting and Crafting Group also makes and collects new and gently used blankets in excellent condition for a number of homeless shelters in the area. Thank you! We are already looking for spring and summer clothing .. so if you are cleaning out closets of clothing, please think of this project.  All sizes for men and women needed.  A request for more soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, foot powder and deodorant.  

For our Veterans, we are now collecting donations of spring & summer items and there is a need for lightweight blankets.

Many of the veterans who are in need of specific things even other than medical go there for assistance. They still need blankets of all sizes, cotton socks, fall/winter wear for men and women veterans. Larger sizes especially needed.  Personal care items are always needed. We continue collecting any and all items and hope that you will think of our veterans who sacrificed so much to maintain our freedom when donating.  So many are really having a tough time right now and would be so grateful for your help.

Wheeler Mission is in need of just about everything in clothing and personal care items.  Items go out as fast as they come in.

Food Pantry Donations

CWC donations of food and clothing to Third Phase and other local food pantries continues to be very strong thanks to the local neighborhoods. Every month the Club delivers bags of groceries and clothing that was collected. 

Time to consider cleaning out your closets and donating unused items to those in need. The food seems to run out of their inventory at most food pantries so quickly that many of their shelves are nearly bare days after the donations are dropped off.  Please try to get more food and clothing to us.  Remember, we can have your donations picked up by Daris and her sidekick Sue.  We've added a couple more ladies to help out and all were kept very busy the past few months but the need is still strong.

The Back to School initiative has been successful since its inception. Please keep those donations of boxes of Kleenex and anti-bacterial gel coming ... colds and seasonal allergies never seem to end. We have been stocking up during these past months but the need continues throughout the school year.

Continuing New Request:  The food pantries are also in need of pet food!  We often forget that many people in need also have pets who need to be fed.  These pets are members of their families.  With the high costs of pet foods, toys, etc the food pantries take in these items as well. Please dont forget the furry four legged friends when donating.  

Thank you to all who have taken the time to drop off these much needed donations.  What is needed now are small blankets or even large towels and pet beds for our furry friends to nest in.  Even gently used old towels create great warmth and a sense of security for the smaller animals.  Pet treats are also something very special that our pets dont get enough of.

Continuing Need:  There is still a strong need for food donations to feed the children through the year.  While parents work, many kids are left to prepare meals for themselves  ... so we encourage items that the children can prepare for themselves or with items that require little preparation. You can help shore up that deficiency by donating the following types of foods that kids can handle.  Canned items such as chili, soups, stews, canned fruits and veggies, canned tuna or chicken, macaroni, pastas, pasta sauces and of course, any kind of healthy treats .. which are quick and easy for them to prepare, along with being nutritious. 

We have received calls regarding perishable foods and what food items can be donated. Our food pantries find these to be the best and would like the following:

Canned Meat or Fish
Tuna and other canned meat, such as chicken, stew, chili, salmon or corned beef, are always in need at food pantries.
Soup is easy to store and keep on pantry shelves. Many soups provide nutritional value; and though often a meal supplement, there are many times when soup might be an entire meal for someone.
Canned Fruits and Vegetables
Although some food pantries accept fresh vegetables and fruits, canned types are preferred because there is no worry of spoilage while on pantry shelves or during transportation. Most pantries have canned beans, in particular, on their list of needed items.
Peanut Butter
High in protein, peanut butter figures prominently on the list of most needed food items in pantries across the country.
Pasta or boxed pasta dinners, such as macaroni and cheese, make good donation items because, in most cases, a little goes a long way. Pasta is also a food that people can prepare along with vegetables, meat or just on its own.
Milk Products
Needed milk items include powdered milk, boxed puddings and cheese spreads. Some food pantries may accept fresh dairy products, such as yogurt, cheese and milk.
Grain Products
Types of grain products to consider include brown rice, whole grain bread, bagels or muffins.
Boxed cereal is expensive for low-income families to purchase. In addition to having a long shelf life, which makes for excellent pantry storage, many cereals are fortified with vitamins and include healthy grains. Oatmeal is also in demand, whether instant or regular.
Baby Food
Infant formula and baby food are expensive for those in need. Canned formula and boxed baby cereal are easy to store and in great demand. Some pantries might not accept baby food in glass jars, however.
Non-food Items
Many pantries also supply toiletries, including deodorant, soap, shampoo, toilet tissue, toothpaste and toothbrushes, shaving soap and feminine hygiene products. Other non-food items needed are cleaning supplies and diapers.  Clothing is always needed.

If you have perishable foods that you want to donate, please call and ask for Tricia.  She will make arrangements with you for these items to be picked up and immediately delivered to a pantry in insulated carriers. It goes without saying that all perishable items must be very fresh and within the use by dates stamped on them. Fresh fruits and veggies are always welcomed by the pantries.

Overseas Coupon Program for our U.S. soldiers  We are staying strong on coupon collections. Thank you!!  The coupons are cut out, sorted bundled courtesy of our community's school children who volunteer their time to assist us.  

The strong momentum keeps on going.  There are 17 overseas bases .. we do a rotation of bases if we don't get enough coupons to cover all 17.  With rising food and personal care items rising, coupons certainly help our military families stretch their money. The simple act of donating these coupons to them means a great deal to them.  Please keep them coming.  Again, special thanks to the businesses that have been covering our costs for sending all these packages of coupons overseas. We appreciate your kindness in helping our Club with this project - we would find it difficult to do without your help!

Manufacturer's coupons are good on all military bases for six months PAST the expiration dates ... so remember not to discard any coupons unless they are past the 6 month limit. These coupons provide military families with much needed items saving them money. 

Our soldiers have a need for a variety of items that CWC will box and send to them at these military bases. Momentum started building for this project as we entered into our 2016-2017 fiscal year and has continued.  Thank you all for the amount of hours put into making this project so successful.

Some the items requested are:  giftcards, current new or gently used paperback books;  puzzle type books  - like sodoku, crosswords and brain teasers; new black or white cotton men's and women's crew socks or boot socks in size large; new plain (no printing or slogans) med-lg-Xtra lg T-shirts; unopened/unexpired juice boxes and candy (no chocolate because it melts); unopened pkgs of beef or turkey jerky; unexpired frequent flier miles; old cellphones which get sold and the money used to purchase intl phone cards for soldiers; foot powders (preferably Gold Bond Medicated Foot Powder, Tinactin Super Absorbent Powder or Dr School's Soothing Foot Powder - these help prevent pain/itching from wearing heavy boots.); unopened/unexpired deodorant or antiperspirant; unopened toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss or travel sized mouthwash; unopened insect repellent like OFF or Repel; unused/unexpired gift cards to natl restaurants like Mcdonalds, Subway, or stores like Target, KMart, Walmart or natl grocery chains - these are used by military families); unopened pkgs of mints and gum; unopened/unexpired individual pkgs of powdered Gatorade or any powdered drinks that can be mixed with just water; unopened travel sized pkgs of Wet Wipes or similar pre-moistened towelettes; unopened/unexpired snacks like chex mix, nuts, pretzels, and cookies; DVDs you no longer want - Westerns, Comedies or TV series- (no adult X rated allowed); new, unused blankets of any size and material o wood, cotton or fleece;  and last but not least ... cards or letters expressing your thanks for their service in keeping our country safe. 

Police, Paramedics and Fire Dept Needs:  New or like new stuffed animals; new coloring books and crayons; or picture books new or in excellent condition.  These items are given to children who've been through some kind of trauma to calm them down.  We will even take very gently used, clean stuffed animals and books.

ALL CWC Donations:   Call 317.225.9755 to arrange a donation pickup until we have secured a new drop-off location.

Fundraising Events:   For all the years CWC has been in existence, it has always had its Main Fundraiser - the Dessert & Card Party - to support the scholarships.  Last year, we implemented a second variable fundraiser. This new event was a real success that members are excited already about this new fiscal year's second annual variable event. Each year this second annual event type will be voted on by our membership. The Board is firming up our two fundraiser events and the dates for both will be announced in January.

Fundraising Event Info: 
Tickets for all our Fundraising Events are sold in two ways:  individual tickets and for reserved table tickets. 

Payment of tickets, see our Event Registration page or call 317.225.9755. Tickets can be purchased and paid for via credit card or e-check online through our payment processing system - the link to it was provided in your invitation .. or by check dropped off at our Donation Drop-off Location, or purchased at the door a half hour before the event - please bring your invitation for ticket purchase. 

Carmel Women's Club has been hosting the main Annual Fundraiser (The Dessert and Card Party) for many years now and each year it just gets better and better.  In early 2016, the Club added a variable second Annual Fundraiser which will change from year to year based on membership choice.  (For 2016, it was an Afternoon Tea and Fashion Show in May). Many hours are volunteered by members to create the perfect settings these lovely afternoons of socializing. 

100% of the proceeds of both these fundraising events go to our scholarship fund.  The fund helps women in our community who are in need and who are returning to school for a higher education.  We hope that you will plan to attend and Invite your friends to come along ... or come alone and we will introduce you to new friends.  We hope that you will join us for these relaxing and fun-filled afternoons.  

Our main fundraiser, the Dessert & Card Party will be May 17th.  Invitations will be sent out by Apr 20th.  Our second fundraiser, Dinner & Theater Night, will be Sept 20th.  Invitations will be sent out by Aug 25th. Reservations can be made and paid for online using the reservation number on your invitation.

CWC Archive - Past Club News

ReCap: October 2014 Membership Meeting Re New Club Format: A number of discussions were held at the October membership meeting on various topics but the main one was regarding membership recruitment which is needed to keep the Club strong. The other challenge that we have is that our members' lives are very busy and we all have so much on our plates that finding a meeting date and time that accommodates the majority of members has become the #2 challenge. A number of members (Tiers 1 and 2) can only attend meetings held during the day and our (Tier 3) career women who need evening meetings often have extended work days. They also do a great deal of business traveling and those travel dates conflict with meeting dates. This has become a scheduling dilemma to find dates that work for all members and this will become an even greater dilemma as new members join.

After considerable discussion and an exchange of ideas and possible options, we decided the best solution is to alter our meeting format a little so that this wont be such a challenge to overcome. We will implement a change to be a more "project oriented" Club with limited physical full membership meetings. This will allow our members to work on all the projects we have going, meeting in their own chosen small groups at a time convenient for each group. 

Each month the Chairman of each Tier project group will give our Board a progress update so we can keep track of where we are for each project. We are fortunate to have technology that allows us to easily communicate effectively and comfortably for time management purposes.. such as emails, IM and Go-To-Meeting software to accomplish this. It also allows the women to work together within their own small groups, scheduling their own individual meetings as needed. These small group Tier meetings are easier to arrange in terms of time and place than trying to get an entire membership together for general meetings.

As a charitable non-profit organization, we are only legally required to have one formal membership meeting a year so any more than that is optional and up to our Board. The Board has chosen to hold two formal full membership meetings a year. These two meetings will be a combination of conducting membership business and socializing. That will give all our members - new and old - time to meet and get better acquainted.  

The first formal membership meeting will be at the beginning of each fiscal year with the emphasis to be the announcement of the new goals and projects for the year; and the second to be in June, which is the close of the fiscal year so that we can announce the success of each project, review any issues that the Board should address for the next fiscal year, along with conducting our annual Club ceremonies. Officer nominations and elections will be done electronically and Officer Installation and New Member Initiation ceremonies will be held at our formal full membership meeting in June.

The Co-Presidents can at any time call for any additional Membership and Board meetings that they feel are necessary. The Board will meet every two months so that we can monitor the status of all projects and address any issues that might arise.  

Those interested in becoming members will meet with one of the Co-Presidents, and based on the projects we have going on at the time, will be introduced and brought in to whatever project group or groups they are interested in.

Everyone seemed to be very pleased with trying this new format. Obviously, as we grow, we will keep monitoring the effectiveness of this new format, along with other areas of our operations and make whatever changes the membership feels are necessary.
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