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Annual Dessert and Card Party Fundraiser

CWC has had a long-standing Annual Dessert and Card Party Fundraiser.  This event is the main fundraiser that funds our Scholarship Program.

This Main Fundraiser Event is always held in May.  Each year this successful event brings in more ladies and results in more money for CWC's Scholarship Fund and Special Projects Fund. This year's May Dessert and Card Party Invitations will be sent out 3-4 weeks prior.  Payment for tickets is done via a link provided on the invitations.

Our Second Fundraiser is always held in September. Invitations for the event will be sent out 3-4 weeks prior.  Payment for tickets is done via a link provided on the invitations.

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Tickets for all our Fundraising Events are sold in two ways: individual tickets and for reserved table tickets. 

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Carmel Women's Club has been hosting its main Annual Fundraiser for many years now and each year it just gets better and better. Many hours are volunteered by members creating the perfect setting for a lovely afternoon of socializing.  

This Annual Dessert & Card Party is our main annual fundraiser. Now we have a variable second annual fundraiser in September. 

100% of the proceeds from our main event goes to our scholarship fund which helps women in need who are returning to school for a higher education. 100% of the proceeds of our variable second annual fundraiser and other smaller events go to the various charitable projects we engage in each year for our community.

Invitees, we welcome you to Invite your friends to come along ...  or come alone and we will introduce you to new friends. We hope that you will join us for a relaxing and fun-filled afternoon.  

Contact Info for further event info: call 317.225.9755
or email: cwcpresident@hotmail.com 

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The Carmel Woman's Club has enjoyed this long tradition of holding its Annual Fundraiser since 1974 with all proceeds from this event going to its scholarship fund every year.