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Many women discover the Carmel Woman's Club when they're invited by a member or simply come to a Club event. Others hear about the Club from a friend, neighbor or have seen some publicity regarding our events.  Many have found that it is a wonderful place to meet new and interesting people and others are interested in the Club’s wealth of opportunities to serve the community—every year Club members donate many hours of volunteer time in support of the Club’s civic and charitable works. A friend, a respite, a force for good work, a place for belonging.  Regardless of what brought you here today, the Carmel Woman's Club welcomes you.

CWC embraces a diverse membership that spans generations, backgrounds and interests, creating a stimulating atmosphere for civic and social exchange as well.

CWC is driven and enriched by a philanthropic purpose. Our charitable efforts make a significant difference in our community—while providing our members with a powerful sense of satisfaction and belonging. The Club offers a number of fun activity sub-groups to enjoy based on your interest. We are as vital and dynamic as ever. As new members join the Club, we are enjoying a resurgence of energy, passion and talent. And just as it always has, the Club continues to look to the future, dedicated to its purpose and to the inspiring and determined vision of our founders.

We encourage you to read about the history of the Club on our About Us page which gives you a sense of what CWC was established for back in 1972.

2014 CWC Reorganization

CWC is now continuing its rich 46 year old history. Although the Club has always been financially stable, it suffered an unfortunate and totally unnecessary dissolution back in May 2013.

To preserve the Club and its legacy, a former CWC Past President and another former CWC Committee Chair reincorporated the Club on January 15, 2014; organized a new leadership team; restructured the operations of the Club to make it more relevant to the needs of today and open to all women in Carmel and neighboring towns and cities; and revised the Club's By-Laws with the inclusion of new security measures to prevent the possibility of any other elected officer of the club causing a repeat of the 2013 dissolution blemish on our history.

CWC's focus, as defined by our former and current Articles of Incorporation, is broken into four categories: Government, Education, Cultural Arts and Community.  As before, our charitable projects are aligned with these four distinct categories and are designed to meet the needs of our Carmel community. Some of our charitable projects are directed to Hamilton County and because of this, membership is open to women in the neighboring towns and cities.

The City of Carmel embraces diversity and so does CWC. As such, CWC works diligently to foster an inclusive and supportive environment that empowers women, recognizes their contributions and supports the advancement of all, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability. As part of this inclusive environment, ideas, skills, perspectives and backgrounds are welcomed and acknowledged. The opportunities for learning, achievement, self-development and networking are available through the interaction of our members on our projects and the Club encourages the blending of different backgrounds, viewpoints, experience, talents, and ideas. 

CWC is committed not only to meeting the requirements of laws, but also to creating an atmosphere of civility, collegiality, mutual respect, and inclusion that stimulates and supports all members in their volunteer work. We strive to maintain a friendly, welcoming and nurturing environment that offers socializing while participating in much needed charitable projects and events, thereby further enhancing the lives of our members through their volunteerism.

CWC's structure has been reorganized to facilitate the Club operations to accommodate all the women of Carmel and neighboring towns and cities. The Club now has three Tiers. The Tiers have been established to provide for all women convenient times for meetings and charitable projects to be chosen by member interest and ability. We realize that the project interest and ability will be different for each member depending upon what stage of life the member is at, and for some, the project interest may transverse all Tier levels. The Tiers simply provide the Club with a way to effectively manage simultaneous projects.

With regard to Events (fundraising and other), all Tiers will participate.

Tier 1 - Seniors/Retirees
Tier 2 - Non-Employed and Women with children in school
Tier 3 - Career/Business

A member may:
* participate in any or all of the Tiers
* attend any or both the daytime or evening meetings
* participate in all Events

CWC operates currently on a project-oriented basis where each Tier forms its own small workgroups that meet at their convenience to handle working on the various charitable projects.  Each month the Tier chairmen report to the Board on the progress of each project. At the June Membership Meeting, the Board presents the year's progress and success on each project undertaken.

Membership Meetings: 

There will be two main General Membership Meetings a year where all three Tiers will meet. A very brief business meeting will be conducted just before our Summer Celebration in June and in September at the beginning of our new fiscal year. Date, Location and Time of these two gatherings to be decided by the Board and announced.

Board Meetings will be held quarterly. If a circumstance arises, additional Board Meetings can be called by our Co-Presidents.

Members are required to fill out a Membership Application and submit it to our Membership Committee. Upon approval, members will be given a New Member Packet containing CWC's Code of Conduct/Standards of Behavior and our By-Laws. CWC requires that these be adhered to.

Membership Dues are $75 per year and are non-refundable. Membership dues are also used to help fund projects.

If you're intrigued and want to learn more, please contact us at 

The Club is always pleased to see its membership increase.  Each new member brings with them a wealth of new ideas, skills, experiences and talent that only make our Club stronger and gives us the ability to take on more charitable projects to help our community. We encourage women from all walks of life, faiths, nationality and ethnicity to become involved more in our community through the Club and its community-focused charitable projects and to enjoy new friendships through participation in a variety of projects and activity groups.

June 2023:  We are currently at maximum membership per our current By-Laws.  To be put on a Membership Waiting List, please email your contact info to: You will be notified when a space opens up.

For further information on the Club and how to become a member, email: or call ask for Joyce at 317.225.9755.